William Levick Primary School

William Levick
Primary School

Year 2

Autumn 2020

Welcome back Year 2! What an amazing start to the year. I am so proud of all our Year Twos. They have settled in to the new routines, like handwashing and sitting in rows, really quickly. All our year twos are behaving in a sensible manner and with super behaviour in and out of the classroom. 

Although some things are different, the children have responded really well to the changes and producing fabulous work. 

We drew and faces to make a wall display of all our Year Two team:

The children have worked incredibly hard in maths on our place value topic. Next, we will be learning how to add and subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers.

We have been reading the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers and we have linked our English work to the book. What fabulous writing the children have produced!

Our next English topic we are basing it around the Gingerbread Man as this links with our topic on The Great Fire of London. Although we can't bake - hopefully we can decorate some gingerbread people!

Previous home learning ideas

Sports and healthy lifestyle
Y1/Y2 weather grid 2

Y1 Y2 Weather Grid 1
 Y2 previous home learning.pdf

Spring 2020

Shiver Me Timbers - we're setting sail this term on a rip-roaring Pirate Adventure!

We have secretly (Shh, don't tell the children!) sent two of our pirate crew, Pirate Jim-Lad and Swashbuckling Matilda, off on a sea-faring journey around the world. They are sending us postcards so we can track their journey, learning about the UK, the seven continents and five oceans as we go. Already we have received postcards from all over the world and a few letters from other pirates.

In class, we are enjoying reading stories about pirates and getting to know Jim lad and Matilda. We have created our own pirates and written stories about them. We have also listened to and written our own pirate poems.

As part of our topic and computing learning, we are going to research real pirates and produce a poster about them on the computer helping us know how to be safe when using the internet.

In English, we have watched the video, 'Something Fishy' and are learning about animals that live in the sea to write a non-chronological report about them.

In maths, we are learning how to multiply and divide and learning our 2,3,5 and 10 times table. With Mrs Brightman, we are also exploring position.

We are using our creative skills in art by using different mediums and media to create water. Next, we are going to make shells out of clay.

Autumn 2019

Welcome back Year 2

What a fabulous start to year we have had!

The children have settled into the new routines really quickly. The positive behaviour ticks are mounting up as the children are demonstrating excellent behaviour both in and outside the classroom.

We have also made a start to our topic on Victorians.

In English we are reading Ronald the Rhino, Smeg and Smog and Horrid Henry books.

In Maths we are counting in 2s,5s,3s,and 10s.

All the children are working really had in all lessons.

Well done everybody!