William Levick Primary School

William Levick
Primary School

Year 1

Summer 2022

Shiver me timbers me hearties - this term we're off on a rip-roaring pirate adventure!

Our intrepid pirates Pirate Jim-Lad and Swashbuckling Matilda will be journeying around the world, teaching us about the seven continents and five oceans as they go. We will also be learning facts about real pirates in English, and building pirate ships in D&T. Plus, there will be opportunities for us all to dress up and be pirates ourselves!

Apart from non-fiction work in English, we will be using pirate stories and poems as stimuli for our English and grammar work. We are beginning with the poem Ten Little Pirates, and will be reading stories such as The Pirates Next Door and of course, Pirates Love Underpants! (Our underpants shop will be back in business to help us with our money unit in maths!)

Our maths this term will include place value of numbers to 100, practical multiplication and division (we have been busy learning our 2s, 5s and 10s songs) and fractions. We will also be learning to tell the time to o'clock and half past.

In science, we are learning about humans- naming external parts of the body and learning about the senses. After half term, our unit will be plants. We will be learning what plants need to grow well, and using this knowledge to help us plant and look after our own sunflowers.

There will, of course, also be art, music, RE and PE, and hopefully some summer sunshine to take some of our learning outdoors. Aaaaarrrrr!! Full details of the learning taking place in Year 1 can be found here.

Spring 2022

We have made a fantastic start to the new term and have already been very busy! We have written Winter Shape Poems in English and learnt about 2D and 3D shapes in maths. We are moving on in English to work on The Three Little Pigs and other traditional stories and fairy tales, and are looking forward to reading Julia Donaldson books later in the term!


In maths, we will be practising our addition and subtraction, and learning about place value of numbers to 50. We will also be doing some measurement work.

Our topic this term is geography-based. We will be learning to identify physical and human features and to use simple maps. We are learning about different kinds of weather, and our work will also include finding out about the UK and its capital cities.

Our science for the first half term is Everyday Materials, which we will link with our work on The Three Little Pigs. We will be investigating different materials and their properties and testing for waterproof materials. After half term, we are hoping for some Spring weather to observe!

We will, of course also be keeping busy with RE, music, art and PE, and building Rapunzel's castle in DT!

A full outline of what we are learning in the spring term can be found here.

Autumn 2021

We are 'all aboard' for Year 1!

This term, our topic is The Victorians. We will be learning about life in Victorian times and comparing it to today. We will find out what it was like in a Victorian school and about all the amazing Christmas traditions the Victorians gave us (not to mention Battenburg Cake!). We are enjoying working in our Victorian kitchen role play area.


In English, we have been writing labels for the classroom and lists for a party. We will be using a variety of stories such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Leaf Man as a basis for our work on sentence construction. We will be making our own Leaf Man and using him to explore story settings.

Our maths will focus on place value of numbers to 20 and addition and subtraction of one-digit numbers. We will also be learning to identify and name common 2-D and 3-D shapes.

In Science, we are learning about seasonal changes, with a focus on natural changes from Summer to Autumn. We will be outside, looking for signs of Autumn, and finding out about how different animals adapt to the changing seasons.

We are hoping for some good weather to include lots of outdoor learning including taking our PE and music outside. It's going to be a very busy term!

A full outline of what we are learning in the autumn term can be found here.

Summer 2021

We are starting our English work by learning about Traditional Tales and Fairy Tales. We have been reading The Three Little Pigs and comparing it to The Three Little Wolves (which we thought was a very funny book!). We will be reading different tales and finding out what features they all have in common. We will finish by writing our own fairy tale!

Our English links to our science which this term is Everyday Materials. We will be testing different materials to see which are strongest, and which are waterproof. Hopefully we will find a good house material that the wolf won't be able to blow down. After the half term holiday, we will be learning about plants, to link with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

In maths, we have been learning about weight and using non-standard measures to weigh and order different objects. We are practising number bonds and addition and subtraction skills to get us ready for year 2!

Our topic this term is going to be Pirates. We are ready to send our two pirates, Swashbuckling Matilda and Pirate Jim-Lad off on a round-the-world adventure, learning about the seven continents and 5 oceans along the way. I wonder where our pirates will go this year...

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