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Supporting our Children's Wellbeing During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Derbyshire County Council have collated lots of links, guidance and contact details for family emotional and wellbeing support during the Covid-19 outbreak. Please find the link for this webpage here. Their main Coronavirus information and support webpage can be found by clicking here


Please find the link here for the Public Health England support document, 'Looking after you feelings and your body'.


The Department for Education have updated their 'Guidance for the Public on the Mental Health and Wellbeing Aspects of Coronavirus' webpage. It contains lots of information and links for support. To access the updated webpage, click here.



The latest community support updates for North East Derbyshire can be found here.


The Sleep charity have released some guidance for supporting children (and adults!) with tips and ideas for getting a restful night's sleep during times of stress and worry. Their resources can be found by clicking the links below.



Sleep and Diet


South Yorkshire Futures, working with Sheffield Hallam University, have produced a large range of resources to support parents at home during school closures. Advice, which can be found by clicking here, includes guidance on support with working at home, activity ideas and well being support for families. 


'Coronavirus- a Book for Children' is a new book that explains all about the virus and measures taken to protect different people in the community. A recommended read to share and discuss. You can access the book by clicking here


'Dave the Dog is Worried about Coronavirus' is a new 'Nurse Dotty' book that may help with children's anxiety and worries during the Covid-19 outbreak and period of isolation. Click here for a free copy.



Qwell offers online counselling and wellbeing for adults, their website can be found by clicking here

Kooth offers 'free, safe and anonymous online support for young people', their website can be found here.


Please see this link for a really useful guide for supporting children's wellbeing and stress during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.


Derbyshire School Nurses have also produced a really helpful guide to support public health at this time. Please click here to see download their helpsheet.


This link has a brilliant resource called 'The Covibook' (picture above) that explains all about the Coronavirus in a child-friendly way to support any children that are worried.


Another good resource, 'Small Paul', is a social story all about change that might also help any children with worries or anxiety during the outbreak. The resource can be found here.


An age-by-age guide to support children can be found here.

Advice for how to talk to children about Coronavirus can be found here.


Advice for adults on dealing with anxiety during the Covid-19 outbreak can be found here.


A booklet for supporting our wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak by Action for Children can bee found by clicking this link.



Wellbeing is all about our holistic health, including the physical and emotional. When we have good levels of wellbeing we feel that life is in balance and that we can generally cope well. We feel motivated and engaged, we’re resilient and able to deal effectively with daily troubles, as well as ’bounce back’ from life’s challenges.

At William Levick, we believe the wellbeing of our whole school community is really important and work hard to support our children, parents and staff.

Our curriculum offers many opportunities to develop and support the wellbeing of our pupils including our PSHE curriculum, philosophy 4 children activities, circle time, mindfullness activities and various clubs.

Over the 2019- 2020 academic year we will be continuing to develop our resources and what we offer to support the well being of our children, staff and parents, including a brand new 'Wellbeing Library'.

Resources and Links to Support Wellbeing

Please find some additional resources below, which we will continue to add to, that may be of use to support your wellbeing at home.

  • Advice from the Mental Health Foundation:


  • Support from Mind- focused on better mental health:


  • Guidance and support from CAHMS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service) who support children'e mental health and Wellbeing:


  • Please click here for a list of services, advice lines and networks available for support.

  • Derbyshire have recently released details of a free counselling service available to all parents and carers of young people: