William Levick Primary School

William Levick
Primary School


Intent: At William Levick, we aim to foster creativity, self-expression and an appreciation for various forms of art. Through engaging, hands-on activities, we strive to develop children’s artistic skills, imagination and critical thinking abilities. Our goal is to create an environment where children can explore their artistic potential, gain confidence, and develop a lifelong love for the arts.

Impact: Our Art curriculum aims to inspire and nurture creativity and cultural awareness, through the development of skills in drawing, painting, 3D art, printing, collage/textiles. Children also learn about a range of artists and use their art to inspire children's creations.

Implementation: We have designed an engaging and comprehensive art curriculum that aligns with the National Curriculum and encourages active student participation. This includes:

Creativity and Self-Expression: Art allows children to express themselves freely and encourages them to think creatively. By developing skills in different art forms, students have the tools to bring their ideas to life and express their thoughts, feelings, and imagination through their creations.

Skill Development: The art curriculum provides students with a solid foundation in various artistic techniques. Children develop their drawing and painting skills, learning about lines, shapes, colours, and composition. They explore three-dimensional art, using materials like clay or recycled materials to create sculptures and models. Students also learn about printing techniques, collage, and textiles, enhancing their versatility and range of artistic skills.

Art Appreciation: Children learn about the works of famous artists, architects and designers and art from different periods. They develop an appreciation for the aesthetic qualities of artworks and learn to analyse and interpret visual messages.

Curriculum Integration: Art is integrated into the primary school curriculum, ensuring that it complements and enhances learning in other subjects. Art projects are designed to reinforce key skills, concepts and themes from various subjects, providing students with  opportunities to apply their artistic skills.

Our curriculum map for art can be found here and further details about art in our Foundation Stage can be found here.